Research Overview


Sean McAlinden

David Andrea, Executive Vice President of Research, ZGFuZHJlYUBjYXJncm91cC5vcmc=

The Center for Automotive Research's reputation for providing leading, thought-provoking, impactful research was established during its history at the University of Michigan and has been further refined as a standalone nonprofit organization since 2003. CAR's research is led by David J. Andrea, Executive Vice President of Research


Research Groups

Industry, Labor, & Economics

Kristin Dziczek

Kristin Dziczek, Director, a2R6aWN6ZWtAY2FyZ3JvdXAub3Jn

The Industry, Labor, & Economics Group’s research seeks to develop a better understanding of the connections between the automotive industry, technology, the economy, society, and public policy.

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Manufacturing, Engineering & Technology

Jay Baron  

Jay Baron, Ph.D., Co-Director, CAR President & CEO, amJhcm9uQGNhcmdyb3VwLm9yZw== 


The Manufacturing, Engineering & Technology Group focuses on evolving technologies and manufacturing engineering systems, primarily in the automotive industry.


Transportation Systems Analysis

Richard Wallace

Richard Wallace, Director, cndhbGxhY2VAY2FyZ3JvdXAub3Jn

The Transportation Systems Analysis group at CAR is concerned with the broad context within which motor vehicles are operated. Much of this effort focuses on the planning and operation of transportation infrastructure, as well as on interactions between infrastructure, vehicles, and vehicle operators.

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More Information

For additional information on any group, please contact the group director, or Diana Douglass, Research Business Manager at 734.662.1287.

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