CAR Research Paper

Self-driving cars: The next revolution

Authors: Richard Wallace, and Gary Silberg, Partner

Produced by: Center for Automotive Research, Transportation Systems Analysis Group
Date: August 2012
Categories: Connected Vehicle Technology
Tags: Most Popular

Full Description:

Self-Driving Cars – The Next Revolution

This whitepaper, written by both CAR and KPMG, reflects the results of interviews with more than 25 thought leaders, automotive and high-tech executives, and government officials, as well as analysis of industry trends, and provides insight on the convergence of sensor-based and communication-based vehicle technologies and its implications. The automobile industry appears to be on the cusp of revolutionary change, with the potential to dramatically reshape not just the competitive landscape but also the way people interact with vehicles, and indeed, the future design of roads and cities. The revolution, when it comes, will be engendered by the advent of autonomous or “self-driving” vehicles.

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